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Male & Female Friendships


Have you ever had that one best guy friend, who might as well be your husband without the enjoyment of sex? Have you ever had the friend who you constantly cross the bounds of friendship?

We always hear these stories about how women fell in love with their best friend, some women are that lucky, but let's get real. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN TO EVERYONE! Just because a guy shows intrest in your feelings and the happenings in your life does not mean he is in love with you. Maybe we should stop over-analyzing their every move and just go with the flow. I know I am the impatient type and it SUCKS , to wait for a man to make his move... call me old fashioned but thats the way it should be.

Recently I was given some advice from a friend, in his twisted logic he does make sense.. "havent i told you already before about human behaviour/emotions? Once you understand about human behaviours and emotions you become "free" and oblivious from the unknown... then once you bec…